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Empfohlene Reiserouten

Welcome to enchanting Tuscany, a region that embodies the very essence of Italy.

For you and your travel and adventure companions, we have created these itineraries, which will take you to discover the beauty of our territory. Cities rich in art and history and lesser-known locations, picturesque villages and enchanting landscapes that will leave you breathless await you.

For each route you will find detailed information and advice, as well as the route plotted on Google Maps.


Morning: Arezzo

  1. Parking: Start your day in Arezzo. Park your car in a parking central: “Parking Pietri” or “Parking Cadorna – paid”.
  2. Piazza Grande: Head to the Piazza Grande, the heart of Arezzo. Admire the medieval architecture, Basilica of San Francesco and Palazzo delle Logge.
  3. The church of San Francesco: Visit the Church of San Francesco to admire the frescoes of Piero della Francesca, including the famous “Legend of the True Cross”.
  4. The Duomo of Arezzo: Continue towards the Arezzo Cathedral, dedicated to San Donato. Explore the inside and admires the works of art.
  5. Lunch: Stop at a local restaurant to have lunch and enjoy the cuisine of tuscany. Recommended: – “Antica Osteria Agania” – “Trattoria Cavour 42”

Afternoon: Cortona

  1. Parking: After lunch, head to Cortona. Park your car in one of the parking lots available, for example, “Parking SP Umbro Cortonese” or “Parking of the Holy spirit – paid”.
  2. Republic square: Start your exploration of Cortona Piazza della Repubblica. Admire the atmosphere and open-air cafes.
  3. Cathedral of Cortona: Visit the Cathedral of Cortona, dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, to admire the frescoes and enjoy the panoramic views of the city.
  4. MAEC – Museo dell’accademia Etrusca: Make a visit to the MAEC for exploring the rich heritage of the etruscan Cortona.
  5. Fortress of Girifalco: Climbs to the Girifalco Fortress to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.
  6. Snack and wine tasting: End your day in Cortona with a good glass of Syrah Cortona in a local store, or a great ice cream, ice cream “Gelato Ti amo”.
  7. The end of the day: the day Concluded with a full stomach and with a good wine and savored, it is the time to go back to enjoy the relaxing Holiday Home offers with its swimming pools and the chance to pamper yourself with the delicious dishes in the restaurant “Mangiafoco


  • Duration: 2h 10 min, stops excluded
  • Whole route: 95 km

Empfohlene Stopps

  • Arezzo city
  • Cortona
  • Castiglion Fiorentino

Val D’Orcia

Morning: Montepulciano

  1. Parking: Start your day in Montepulciano. Park your car in one of the parking lots available, such as “Parking San Biagio – up for a paid portion” or the “Parking Don Giovanni Minzoni – in the summer season, to payment”.
  2. Piazza Grande: Head to the Piazza Grande, the historic centre of Montepulciano. Explore the square and admire the Tower of the Palazzo Comunale.
  3. The Duomo of Montepulciano: Visit the Duomo of Montepulciano, admire the architecture and works of art inside.
  4. Montepulciano is famous for its Vino Nobile. Make a visit to one of the local wineries to taste this wine. Recommended: “De ‚ Ricci – Cantine” – “Cantina Contucci”.
  5. Lunch: have Lunch at one of the local restaurants, tasting typical tuscan dishes.

Afternoon: Pienza

  1. Parking: After lunch, head to Pienza. Park your car in one of the parking lots available, such as the “car park in Via Mario Mencatelli – a-payment” or the “Parking of the Way of the Love – in payment”.
  2. Piazza Pio II: Start your exploration of Pienza, from Piazza Pio II. Watch the Piccolomini Palace and the Cathedral.
  3. Palazzo Piccolomini: Visit the Palazzo Piccolomini to explore its renaissance gardens and enjoy panoramic views of the Val d’Orcia.
  4. Pecorino cheese: Pienza is famous for its pecorino cheese. Visit one of the local shops to taste and purchase these delicious products. Recommended: “Wine Marusco and Mary

Evening: Montalcino

  1. Parking: In the late afternoon, head towards Montalcino. Park your car in one of the parking lots available, such as “Parking Via Aldo Moro” or the “Viale Strozzi – paid”.
  2. Fortress of Montalcino: Climb to the Fortress of Montalcino to enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside and visit the historical centre of the city.
  3. Cellars: Montalcino is famous for its Brunello di Montalcino. Make a visit to one of the local wineries to taste the renowned wine.
  4. Dinner: Conclude your day with dinner at a local restaurant, enjoy typical tuscan dishes and delicious wine Brunello di Montalcino. Recommended: “Wine cellar – Cave of Brunello” – “Taverna del Grappolo Blu
  5. The end of the day: the day Concluded with a full stomach and with a good wine and savored, it is the time to go back to enjoy the relaxing Holiday Home offers. Good evening!


  • Duration: 3h 15 min, plus any breaks
  • Whole route: 180 km

Empfohlene Stopps

  • Montepulciano and its wine cellars
  • Pienza
  • Montalcino, and the fortress

Pratomagno entdecken

Recommendations: comfortable clothes, sneakers, and a jacket (the cross is at 1500 meters above sea level)

MORNING: Loro Ciuffenna

  1. Parking in loro Ciuffenna: Start your day by parking your car in Loro Ciuffenna. You can use the public parking “Borro Tonino” close to the historical centre.
  2. The Historic centre of Loro Ciuffenna: Explore the picturesque old town of loro Ciuffenna. Admire the Medieval Bridge and the streets of the features.
  3. Museum of the Art of Wool: Visit the Museum of Art of Wool and learn about the history of wool production in this region.
  4. The church of Santa Maria Assunta: can Admire the Church of Santa Maria Assunta with its high bell tower.

LUNCH: Ristoro „Da Giocondo“ a Loc. Le Ceraie

  1. Path to Chiassaia: After the morning loro Ciuffenna, head towards the Locality of The Ceraie to have lunch at the restaurant “By Giocondo“. Leave your car in the parking lot of the restaurant.
  2. Lunch “By Giocondo”: Enjoy a lunch of traditional tuscan at the refreshment “By Giocondo”. Make sure to taste local dishes and enjoy the rural atmosphere.

AFTERNOON: Percorso a piedi fino alla Croce sul Pratomagno

  1. Walk on the Pratomagno: After lunch, you start walking towards the Cross on the Pratomagno. Ask for information at rest “By Giocondo” for exact directions on your route.
  2. The cross on the Pratomagno: get to the Cross on the Pratomagno, which offers a breathtaking panoramic view over the arno valley and the surrounding mountains.
  3. Return to Loc. The Ceraie: After enjoying the view, you fall in “By Giocondo” following the path and walking back to their car.
  4. The end of the day: finally the day so enjoyable and relaxing, I suggest you return to our welcoming holiday home. After a full day of exploration in loro Ciuffenna, a delicious lunch at the restaurant “By Giocondo” and is a charming walk up to the Cross on the Pratomagno, the holiday home offers a place of refuge and welcoming atmosphere where you can relax by the 2 pools to choose from, or with a good massage directly to the property. It will be the perfect way to end this adventure in the beautiful tuscan countryside. Our restaurant “Mangiafoco” offers an excellent option for dinner, but you can also choose to prepare something light in the well-equipped kitchen to the holiday home, while enjoying the atmosphere intimate and quiet of your room. Whether you decide to dine at home or back at the restaurant, we wish you a pleasant and relaxing evening. Good home and good appetite!


  • Duration: 2h + 1h 30min walking, stops excluded
  • Whole route: 80 km drive + 2.5 km walk to climb to the cross

Empfohlene Stopps

  • Visit to the village of loro Ciuffenna, and to his mill
  • Visit the church of San Pietro a Gropina and to its foundations
  • Croce del Pratomagno
  • Il Borro, just 3 km from Casa Vacanze Le Fornaci

Auf den Spuren des Saint Francis of Assisi


  1. Starting from The Verna: Start your day, starting from La Verna, the place of spiritual birth of St. Francis. Park your car near the Sanctuary of la Verna – paid.
  2. The sanctuary of la Verna: Explore the Sanctuary, where St. Francis received the stigmata. Visit the main Church, the Sasso Spicco, the Cloister and enjoy the tranquility of the place.
  3. Walk in the woods: take a short walk in the surrounding forests, along trails that offer breathtaking panoramic views.

LUNCH: Castello di Poppi

  1. Parking place: Come a Poppi, park your car in one of the parking lots available, for example the “Viale dei Pini”.
  2. The castle of the Conti Guidi: Visit the majestic Castle of the Conti Guidi, Poppi. Explore the rooms, the Library Rilliana and climb the tower for a panoramic view.
  3. Historic centre of Poppi: a Walk in the picturesque old town of Poppi, admiring the medieval houses and the architectural beauty of the place. Lunch in a local trattoria, recommended: “The Tavern of the Castle” – “Restaurant Casentino

AFTERNOON: Camaldoli

  1. Parking at Camaldoli: Reach Camaldoli, famous for its Monastery and the Casentino forest. Park the car near the Monastery.
  2. The monastery of Camaldoli: Visit the Monastery of Camaldoli and the monastic complex. Watch the Cloister, the Church, and discover the tranquility of this spiritual place.
  3. Walk in the Forest, Casentino: If time permits, take a short walk in the Forest, Casentino, following the well-marked trails.
  4. The end of the day: After a day of exploring the special places, go back now to our Holiday Home for a well-deserved relaxation. We wait for you at the restaurant “Mangiafoco“, where you can enjoy delicious dishes under an pergola of grapes, strawberries, and accompanied by a good bottle of wine. The evening is up to your expectations and that you can fully enjoy this moment of tranquility and good food. Welcome home!


  • Duration: 3h 20 min, stops excluded
  • Whole route: 145 km

Empfohlene Stopps

  • The sanctuary of la Verna
  • Poppi castle
  • The monastery of Camaldoli and the sacred Hermitage